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In The Adulting School online, we ask TAS Teachers to provide a mini lesson on at least one of their topics of expertise (but feel free to submit more than one topic). We will provide a mini lesson planner, but your lesson should be presented using any of the following materials to engage your audience (use at least one, but there is no limit!). Check any of the following you'd be willing to provide as original content for your mini lesson in The Adulting School:

Are you interested in presenting at any live workshop or summit events?

Are you willing to be present and answer occasional questions in our private Facebook group for TAS students and community?

Would you be willing to provide a tip or question pertaining to your expertise for Facebook group engagement? (Scheduled in advance)

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We want to see how awesome you are. Please check your email for a link to schedule a Skype interview. We want you to introduce yourself and give us a sample of your expertise. Sparkle! Energy and relevance is  key.
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